Renewable energy-can do better-must do better

Stemming from the national coalition agreement agreed by the LibDems in May comes a lifting of the ban on local councils selling renewable energy.

Cllr Mike Holness,  LibDem spokesman on the environment said ,  “Chris Huhne, the LibDem Energy and Climate Change Minister wants the United Kingdom to do far better.  He inherited a situation where our country’s peformance on renewable energy usage was only 25th best out of 27 European Union countries

One of the ways of improving this dreadful situation is making it possible for councils to sell surplus renewable energy to the National Grid. ”

The LibDems moved a motion to council asking that the the Royal Borough moves swiftly to acheive this.

Cllr Mike Holness added,  “The council’s land,  buildings and properties give an unrivalled opportunity to generate renewable energy. This change allowing the council to sell surplus electricity into the national grid,  significsntly improves the financial payback from such investment.  We can now proceed quickly to make it happen. “

Renewable energy-can do better-must do better

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