Seven Ideas For Greener Campaigning

We care deeply about being green, and so present to you our ideas for greener campaigning in the run up to the local elections.

  1. Greener travel.  Reduce greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution from travel to meetings and campaign events by car sharing, using public transport, cycling or walking.
  2. Green-up your leaflet campaigns. It’s the familiar mantra of “reduce, reuse, re-cycle”.  Only order the number of leaflets you need; use leaflets with blank sides for notes; avoid spares going to landfill by putting them in recycling bins.
  3. Find green people.  Talk to green residents in your campaign area or meet other people interested in environmental issues at Green Drinks at the Bear on the last Wednesday of the month 6:30-8:30pm.
  4. Eat local.  Sustain yourself on the campaign trail with locally produced food from local business (gardens or hedgerows!).  Maidenhead Farmers Market is held every second Sunday at Grove Road car park.
  5. Think global.  Support the international campaign for Fair Trade with Fair Trade coffee, chocolate, or other food or clothes.
  6. Be aware of open spaces and habitats.  Green spaces are recuperative facilities for people as well as habitats for wildlife.  Check out the green spaces in your campaign area. Are there any grot spots or nature reserves?
  7. Be aware of vulnerability to climate change.  Climate change is increasing heat waves as flood risk.  Where are the people most vulnerable to climate change in your area?  Do elderly people have access to cool rooms in heat waves?  Where do people at greatest risk of flooding live (check your postcode on the Environment Agency web site)?

Send us your photos of your green campaign activities.

Seven Ideas For Greener Campaigning

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