Stopping lorries in Cordwallis

Following pressure from your local LibDems, a width restriction is now being erected to stop large lorries from going around the hairpin between Cordwallis Road and Norfolk Road.

Your local LibDem councillors continued to push to get a solution to the problem after many residents raised their concerns. Although relatively few lorries make this manoeuvre,  such vehicles have caused disruption and sometimes damaged parked vehicles close by.

Cllr David Mackay said, “It’s taken a long time.  But it was clear from consultation on the recently rejected residents’ parking scheme, that residents needed respite from lorries trying to get around that tight corner. ”

The proposal is  to introduce the width restriction for the Crauford Rise end of Cordwallis Road. The size of restriction will allow through a normal “Transit” van sized vehicle, but not anything larger.

The width restriction is done by narrowing the road using two new build-outs incorporating two “bell” style bollards in order to physically enforce it.  The design means that fire engnes and ambulances would still be able to get access.

The restriction will be monitored to make sure it does not cause problems elsewhere-and if it does action will be taken.

Stopping lorries in Cordwallis

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