Lynton Green

Prompt action by LibDem councillors, in co-operation with council staff,  ensured that people in Lynton Green are no longer inconveninced by an abandoned vehicle that had been inconsiderately left outside the house of an elderly and visually imparied resident. Download QR

Grit boxes

LibDems have made sure that grit boxes have started to appear at key points in Belmont ward. There’s one a the corner of Belmont Park Avenue and another where St Mark’s Road meets Castle Drive. Cllr Rajiv Chelani said, “Both boxes are situated on slopes and will become very useful when icy weather strikes again. […]

Ellington Park

Swift action by your LibDem councillors have ensured that patch repairs were done to potholes in the inner area of Ellington Park before winter weather hit. The work was completed to provide a flat road surface. LibDems have also made sure that in the spring the housing association , who are responsible for the inner […]

Stopping lorries in Cordwallis

Following pressure from your local LibDems, a width restriction is now being erected to stop large lorries from going around the hairpin between Cordwallis Road and Norfolk Road. Your local LibDem councillors continued to push to get a solution to the problem after many residents raised their concerns. Although relatively few lorries make this manoeuvre,  […]

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