State of Albert Road is a Disgrace

Despite the Conservatives ever increasing claims to be spending more money on the Royal Borough’s Roads, residents are telling the Lib Dems that the roads are worse than ever. One example is the busy Albert Road by the end of the long walk which is now increasingly rutted, thanks to the ineffectiveness of both the Royal Borough and Private utility companies.

Under the last Liberal Democrat Administration of the Council from 2003- 2007 the Royal Borough’s main roads, like Albert Road, were recognised as being amongst the best maintained in the country, with less than 1% requiring attention.

With the Conservatives endlessly telling us that they are spending more and more money on the roads and residents telling us the roads are worse than ever, the only reasonable conclusion residents can draw is that the Conservatives are getting less and less efficient at repairing our roads.

State of Albert Road is a Disgrace

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