Local Day Centre Needs Your Vote

For the last 12 months local members, Pat and Geoff have been heavily involved with the King George VI (KGVI) Day Centre in Windsor. Pat is now the Day Centre Coordinator and Geoff is a volunteer driver, cook and kitchen assistant

The KGVI Day Centre in Clarence Road Windsor (http://kgvidaycentre.btck.co.uk) has applied for a £6,000 grant from Nat West Community Force as part of the monies needed to replace its aged minibus.

The minibus is used to transport the centre’s members to and from the day centre on a daily basis. The current minibus is over 10 years old and has broken down at least three times this year causing the centre to have to close whilst repairs were going on. They desperately need a replacement minibus.

Grants from Nat West Community Force are awarded by region and category on a public voting principle. The project with the most votes gets the money.

Please support the day centre by voting for it and by asking your family, friends and contacts to do the same.

The voting site is:


You will need to register your email address and give yourself a password to be able to cast 3 votes.

You can find the King George VI Day Centre by inserting Windsor in the first search term and selecting “Elderly and Disabled” from the category list.

Local Day Centre Needs Your Vote

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