Windsor Fire Station Don’t Miss Out on Having Your Say

New Plans for the future of Windsor Fire Station openedWindsor Fire Engine to public consultation on 3rd October 2011, closing on 3rd January. Make sure you have your say

by clicking the link below to download the Fire Authority’s plan.

  • The plans will see Windsor Fire Station close and Fire Crew redeployed to the new 24 hour Fire Station at Wokingham.
  • A new mini fire engine for Windsor will be based in Slough (2), but forward deployed to Windsor most of the time where it will park up at a base provided by the Council (1)(2).
  • The new mini fire engine will be available 24 hours a day, but will have to return to Slough to change crews and fuel (2) and will be crewed by Slough Fire Fighters.
  • At particular times of the year (for example when there is heavy snow or forest fire risk) the mini fire engine will be deployed away from the town. (6)
  • Local Fire Fighters have questioned the value of the proposed mini fire engine, claiming it will not be able to undertake internal fire fighting due to its small crew. (5)
  • Berkshire FBU (Fire Brigades Union) have criticised the Fire Authority’s level of secretiveness. (7)

Click here to download the Fire Authority Consultation Document which covers all the changes in Berkshire and turn to page 21 to read about Windsor.

To submit your opinions it is necessary to send them in writing by 3rd of January at the latest, to the Fire Authority at the address below:

IRMP Consultation
Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service
103 Dee Road
RG30 1BR
(No stamp is required)


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Windsor Fire Station Don’t Miss Out on Having Your Say

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