10 Years of Success for Community Wardens

Simon Werner will the first four Community Wardens

Since the Community Warden Scheme was started in 2004 by the Lib Dems, it has played a significant role in reducing crime and anti-social behaviour.

Simon Werner says, “When I started the Community Warden Scheme ten years ago, I saw it as having a key role in fighting crime and anti-social behaviour and most importantly fear of crime.”

“The wardens provide a link between residents and the various organisations that should work to make life better for the residents – the council, the police and the Housing Associations.”

Simon Werner continues, “The work I am most proud of is many projects, large and small, that the wardens have started to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour, improve perceptions and reduce residents’ fear of crime, from working with young people to organising community clean ups.”

10 Years of Success for Community Wardens

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