The Leisure Centre Sell-off

Clive Baskerville is campaigning to stop the Leisure Centre Selloff

The Royal Borough Observer recently exposed plans by the council to sell off the Borough’s leisure centres including the Magnet in Maidenhead.

The bidders for the leisure centres include private companies and leisure centre trusts.

Clive Baskerville, a sportsman himself and a local sports reporter, said, “These leisure centres are a jewel in the crown of the Borough. They are among the best run leisure centres in the country. The Conservatives must be mad to want to sell them off.”
“The council should really have been asking the residents whether they think that selling off the leisure centres is the right thing to do, before they started the process – especially as at the last election the Conservatives said they would not do so.”

“Instead they have tried to hide what they are doing. It is only thanks to good journalists that it has been exposed.”

Local Lib Dems are calling on the council to stop the process and properly consult with the residents and users of the leisure centre.

Please sign our petition to stop the process.

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The Leisure Centre Sell-off

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