Cllr Joshua Reynolds’ 2020/2021 budget speech

Joshua Reynolds at Maidenhead Bridge

Less than one year ago, we had local elections, and although the administration between May and now might be the same, with one notable exception, the policies today could not be more different than what was promised.

Madam Mayor, today is Shrove Tuesday, otherwise known as Pancake Day, so I will try my hardest not to do the obvious jokes about the budget being a lemon or cuts going down like a flat pancake, instead I want to focus on what residents were told vs. what they’ll get with this budget.

Not long ago, Cllr Johnson could be seen grinning with delight crouched down next to a pothole he helped to fill as part of the 24-hour pothole pledge. Now gone for good, a pledge forgotten.

Not long ago, Conservatives were shouting from the rooftops about the new Oaks Leisure Centre, yet there is no money for this on the budget.

They also spoke about providing funding for ‘at least 25 Community Wardens’. Yet here we were being asked to reduce the number to 19.

The budget doesn’t mention the expansion of Windsor leisure centre either. All of these broken pledges have let a lot of people down.

The cabinet may look the same, but the new captain is taking our residents in a very different direction to that people bought tickets for.

Adapted from 2020 Budget speech

Cllr Joshua Reynolds’ 2020/2021 budget speech

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