No-one should deny or attempt to minimise the uncertain and challenging time we are living through, least of all those elected to represent us. 

We have discussed, as a group, what RBWM’s response should be to Coronavirus/COVID-19. Our first duty is of course to our all of our residents, and we will, until proven wrong, trust that the remaining 32 councillors, whether Conservative or independent, share that view.

It’s precisely for unforeseen emergencies like this that councils need strong finances and healthy reserves, and the fact that we currently have neither is a concern for us all and, we’re sure, a regret for the Conservative administration. How we arrived at this point is yesterday’s argument. Our residents can decide on that in 2023. 

This is the consensus Liberal Democrat position:

  • We will support the Conservative administration should they wish to authorise sensible borrowing and/or retargeting of any and all resources 
  • We offer our full support to the RBWM officers and leadership team, who we know are not being complacent and are quietly and calmly making preparations to support residents, should that support be needed in the future.
  • Barring a few last deliveries of our latest Focus, we will suspend paper communications for the time being.

We will instead devote time to supporting our local Foodshare schemes and other charities that are suffering from a downturn in donations, and ensuring that elderly residents who choose to self-isolate have everything they need.

We invite fellow councillors — of all political persuasions — to join us, and of course, concerned residents who wish to help. If you want to get involved or, indeed, if you need our help, please get in touch.


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