Fighting Crime

Liberal Democrats have been at the head of the campaign to reduce crime in the Borough. We introduced CCTV and Community Wardens Download QR

Defending services for the elderly

Liberal Democrats have always stood up against cuts to vital services to the elderly. Recently we have been campaigning to reverse the massive 1,000% increase in the cost of using the council day centres in Imperial Road, Windsor and Gardner House in Maidenhead. Download QR

Backing the NHS

Lib Dems fought hard and successfully to stop the Conservatives privatising the NHS. Here we are presenting the successful petition to the local health authorities demanding a Minor Injuries Unit at St Marks. Download QR

Defending the Green Belt

Local Lib Dems have been firm defenders of the Green Belt around our towns. Most recently we have been campaigning to persuade the Council to extend the Green Belt for instance at Ockwells Park. Download QR

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